Simple & Smart Mobility: That’s KINTO.

Lexus Financial Services Singapore, in partnership with Lexus Singapore is pleased to roll-out the KINTO Share program, which is part of the KINTO brand, a suite of smart & seamless mobility solutions. Everyone should enjoy the freedom to move. But how we choose to move is continuously evolving.

We believe that the experience of driving a hybrid or electric car will also empower you to make the transition towards the world of Electrification.

The KINTO brand is dedicated to new ways to consume mobility, simple and effortless sustainability.

Curious About The KINTO Name?

In Japanese, ‘Kinto-un’ means ‘flying nimbus’ –
a magic cloud that appears when summoned and transports the rider wherever they want to go.

Experience Lexus Electrified

Are You Ready? Let's Go!

KINTO Share is a seamless, self-service concept for consumers to choose the right car for every occasion, whether it’s a whirlwind shopping trip or important business meeting, on demand!

We accelerate the movement towards sustainable mobility through electrification with our range of Lexus Electric and Hybrid models. it is the perfect mobility solution for your needs, without the ownership costs.

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